A Secret About The Haunted Mansion Disney Does Not Want You To Know


The Haunted Mansion.jpg

This story is 100% true with witnesses to the conversation.

On a cool day in February, I was waiting in line for the Kilimanjaro Safari ride at Disney World in which seemed to take forever. While waiting a man behind us stroke up a conversation with our group and while discussing about what we do for a living he told us that he was a Mortician in Florida.  He also told us that before he went to school and became a mortician he worked for 3 years at Disney World at the Haunted Mansion Ride.  After sharing morbid, yet very interesting, experiences he has had in his occupation; His next story would shock us all.  "At the end of each night they would turn on the lights of the popular Haunted Mansion ride and a cleaning crew would come in and sweep the floors. You would be surprised how many people spread their loved ones remains (ashes) throughout the ride." it was his job to sweep those very floors. We all stood their with our mouths open and jaws on the concrete floor.  It was common for people to bring their loved ones ashes onto the ride with them and as they rode throughout the mansion scatter the ashes all over the floor. Even now as a mortician, living family members of the deceased he explained, tell him that’s they plan to do that very same thing with their loved ones ashes. Who knows how many rides people have done this that? But you heard it here first and if you have the same idea, just remember, they might just be swept up in the trash bin at the end of the night.

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- Crummy Gummy