Comic Book Review: Alien Toilet Monsters



Alien Toilet Monsters #1 - Desert Foxes, Diner Food, Multiuniverse Travel, and Genetic Recombination.
Oh my!!
Writers: Carol Zara and Eric Barnett
Artist/Penciler: Eric Barnett
Colorist: Eric Barnett
Publisher: Omnimorphic
Recently, our team was sent a digital copy of the first issue of indie comic, Alien Toilet Monsters (ATM) and by the power of grayskull were we impressed. The creators of ATM are Carol Zara and Eric Barnett. Together, they’ve created a rich and engaging (multi)universe, which houses a unique cast of characters (FRANK all the way!!).

Approximately twenty years into the future man-kind has mastered the capability to travel through various dimensions. In essence, we are able to visit other parallel realities. In one reality you might be married with three kids, but in another, you’re an assassin working for the Russian mob. Admittedly, we’ve seen this gimmick many times before in movies, television, and comics, that being said it is presented very well in ATM. Additionally, what we saw early on is that in some dimensions biology, genetics are not as static as they are in our reality. No, in fact DNA/RNA is fluid and seems to evolve on the flip of a dime. Judging by the end of the book that will be a big factor in how the main plot will unfold in upcoming issues. As far as characters, in the comic we meet Frank, who is middle-aged diner owner who is grieving over the loss of his wife. In addition to the main protagonist Frank, we meet the other workers/customers of the diner who each seem to have their own story which (hopefully) will gradually be told later on. The writing of Zara and Barnett is superb and gives just enough tasty morsels about the characters to get us hooked.

The first issue of ATM does a fantastic job at of giving its readers a comprehensive picture of the
universe that which the story takes place. Also, it does a good job at flushing out its characters.
However, it's not exactly clear about what is happening in the story. However, we feel that is perfectly okay. We appreciate the creators use of the first for “priming” the title’s universe/characters for upcoming future issues.


ART: This comic looks gorgeous! Eric Barnett’s designs and coloring are fantastic. He work does a great job at bringing life to the environments and characters. The action of book one occurs across two main environments one being the alien alternate dimension and the other, Frank’s Diner. This contrast does a great job. When reading through issue one the greasy look of some of the diner characters reminds me of character art one would find in an early McFarlane Spawn comic. Let’s hope that quality of the art continues with future issues.


FINAL WORD: If you are into SyFy fandoms than do yourself a favor and pick this comic up! Unfortunately, after reading it you might be afraid to use the toilet because you won’t know what’s going to come out!

Dr. Loomis