Cooking With Dr. Loomis: Infinity Burger




It’s May and we are officially at the beginning of summer! Summer means two things, grilling and blockbuster movies. On this edition of Cooking with Dr. Loomis we are going to give you all our very own rendition of the American classic the bacon cheeseburger. Inspired by the monolithic hit film, Avengers: Infinity War comes a burger that just like the Infinity Gauntlet takes power from different elements (in our case these elements are cheese, jalapeno peppers, chorizo sausage, homemade garlic aioli, and plantains) to create something indescribably powerful. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr. Loomis presents to you, the INFINITY BURGER!!



·       1-2 lbs of ground chuck

·       Thick cut bacon

·       1 Medium Onion (diced)


·       ¾ cup of Helman’s Mayonnaise

·       3-4 cloves of garlic (crushed and minced)

·       1 ½ Tablespoons of lemon juice

·       ½ Tablespoon of El Yucateco Hot Sauce

·       ¾ Teaspoon of salt

·       ½ teaspoon of cracked black pepper


·       Johnsonville Chorizo Sausage (3 links)

·       4-5 green onions (diced)

·       1 jalapeno (diced)


·       Sargento Sliced Smoked Cheddar

·       Boarshead Chipotle Gouda

·       Goya Sweet Plantains


Homemade Garlic Aioli

·       Throughly mix mayonnaise, garlic, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and hot sauce in a medium bowl.

·       Let in fridge until burger is ready.

Burger Patties

·       Puree three strips of bacon and onions together in food processor/blender

·       Take ground beef and make loose patties

·       Roll bacon/onion mixture into the patties

·       Patties should not be flat. Should be oval in appearance.


Chorizo Mini Patties

·       Take sausage links and carefully split the link casing so that you can easy extract the contents.

·       The sausage meat should be easy to mold into a loose patty

·       Mix in diced green onions and jalapeno into sausage patty

·       Sausage patty should be 1/3 the size of a burger patty

Cooking instructions

·       Spray down grill thoroughly with cooking spray

·       Place your burger patties on the grill

·       Don’t press your patty flat on the grill. The contents will likely fall through the grates. Keep them in those oval rounded shapes.

·       While cooking be sure to watch your flames. These burgers have a lot of fat on them so they could burn easily. If they flare up be sure to close your lid to the grill so that flames will die down. If they keeping flaring up move them to another part of the grill where they will not get as much direct heat.

·       Once one side has sufficiently browned flip them over.

·       Put cheese on burger. First apply slice of Chipolte Gouda. Wait for the cheese to thoroughly melt over burger patty. Next apply slice of Smoked Cheddar. Wait for cheese to sufficiently over burger.

·       Remove burger patties from grill.

·       As you are grilling your burgers take a large sauté pan and place it on direct heat with the handle off the grill.

·       Place chorizo patties and additional bacon slices on the pan. Cook contents until they are sufficiently brown.

·       For the burger patties it’s best that you grill them, but if needs be you can also sauté them in a nice skillet (versus a mean-spirited skillet) on your stovetop.

·       Heat Goya Plantains in microwave

Burger building:


·       Apply garlic aioli to the inside of both buns

·       Sausage patty is placed on the bottom bun.

·       (Optional) Apply light spread of garlic aioli to top of chorizo patty

·       Place burger patty on top of chorizo sausage patty.

·       Place 2-3 plantains on top of burger patty

·       (Optional) Place bacon slice on top of burger to finish it out (cue Thanos finger snap)!


Final words from Chef Dr. Loomis:

It goes without saying that this burger packs a little bit of heat so consider yourself officially warned. This is a great summer meal to enjoy with your family/friends with your favorite beer from Rockpit Brewery! Better yet eat in front of your big screen while watching your favorite Marvel flick!

Eat Hardy!!

~Dr. Loomis

Photography by Crummy Gummy