Agent Venom: I’m here to convince you why he needs a movie.



HI there guys, it’s Tony (IG – toeknee217) again, contributing to the THAWG blog.  I’m sure like all of you pop culture/geek fanatics, you are into superhero movies.  And like most of you movie goers, you enjoy watching the characters evolve from one movie to the next, i.e. Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Wayne.  I am here to explain why Flash Thompson, who may be well known in the comic world could be that next Marvel character that could become a household name -  with the right casting.  Just look at what Robert Downey Jr did for Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth did for Thor and Tom Hiddleston did for Loki.  Flash Thompson has it all to be THAT next character and here are my reasons why.


1. Character Arc.  Everyone loves a good character transformation.  For those of you not in the know, Flash Thompson is Peter Parker’s classmate in high school and bullied Peter all throughout high school.  Flash was also physically abused by his alcoholic cop father.  Although he bullied Peter, he was also a Spider-Man fan – ironic, eh?  Eventually Flash and Peter became friends and Flash eventually enlisted in the Army.  After an incident in Iraq, he was awarded a Medal of honor for sacrificing himself to save a fellow soldier - Merica.  Flash lost both of his legs in Iraq, which led to him to be part of Project Rebirth 2.0.  In this, the government chose Flash to be bonded with the alien symbiote and becomes AGENT VENOM!    So Flash goes from a high school bully, who was physically abused by his father, to later becoming friends with the guy he bullied, then later on a war hero, and finally becoming a superhero similar to that of his idol Spider-man.  That right there is a character transformation and growth we can all root for and stand behind.


2) Flawed Superhero.  Not every superhero is perfect and in some ways to create that sense of realism and believable our characters should possess some type of flaw.  In the movies, Bruce Wayne is haunted by the death of his parents and is anti-social, James Gordon (although not a superhero, cheated on his wife), Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier was mind controlled by HYDRA and murdered a lot of people and let’s not forget Frank Castle just is judge/executioner all rolled into one.  Flash Thompson was physically abused by his alcoholic father, which probably led to Flash becoming a bully himself.  He also had bouts with alcoholism himself.  When you couple that with trying to contain the alien symbiote and the responsibilities of living up to being the type of superhero as his idol Spider-man, then you have yourself a character with internal conflicts that could be reverberated throughout the movie.  This sets up to create a character with a real-world backstory that we can all sympathize for but later cheer for.


3) He is part of the Spiderman universe!  Let’s just forget that there was a Flash cast in the latest Spider-man: Homecoming movie.  I’m sure Tony Revolori is a good actor in his own right, but can he grow into what Agent Venom could potentially be?  However, in the movie, they never revealed his last name, so maybe they could cast a Eugene Thompson.  The 2018 Venom movie, stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.  That would be a great setup to Agent Venom, but even if there is no mention of it, future movies could reference back to that movie because you have the alien symbiote and the government.  The setup is there for movie studio execs to green light this if they have the right person with the vision.  Finding the right person to play Flash Thompson is critical.  He could play the role of bully, be abused, and idolize Spider-man in one movie, then emotionally mature and develop a friendship with Peter Parker, to joining the military in another Spider-man movie, then that sets up for a solo Agent Venom movie, where government selects Flash to bond with the symbiote.  Again, with the right casting, we can follow this character’s growth to full-blown superhero madness with multiple picture deals.


So that’s my take on why Sony or Marvel should look into setting up a world to have an Agent Venom movie.  Let me reference a few comics you should read to help understand the Flash Thompson character:

·       Amazing Spider-man #574

·       Amazing Spider-man #654

·       Amazing Spider-man #654.1

I am glad you took the time out to read this blog and look forward to sharing more of my thoughts that are all fanboy related.  You guys can catch me as a guest on episode 19:  Netflix The Punisher vs. Justice League or find me on Instagram, toeknee217.

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-        Toeknee217